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September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

On the terribly day of “September 11” many commentators player a parallel with the historical events of harbour. however there was conjointly somebody on an equivalent day who offered a prediction. if truth be told the additional info that is been rising concerning “September 11” the additional we’ve return to understand that several totally different aspects of the 2 events bear a chilling resemblance to every alternative. whereas each events were required by the U.S. to travel to war, in each cases the final word goal wasn’t the one at the start declared.

Roosevelt knew a surprise Japanese attack would anger the general public and jumpstart the yank military machine. during this manner F.D.R. would get backdoor entry into what he very wished – war with dictator. per their own documents, before 9/11, authorities knew that onslaught like new harbour would anger the general public and begin a war against Asian nation. during this manner they’d get the backdoor entry into what they very wished – the war with Hussein.

Before and through the globe War II, the info machine created a relentless effort to make a right away association between dictator and Japan. One poll, taken now when harbour, showed that over hour of american citizens believed that germany was behind the attack. The Bush-Cheney info machine created an excellent tougher effort to make direct association between Republic of Iraq and Osama bin Laden. By the top of 2003 nearly seventieth of american citizens believed that Hussein was involved within the “September 11” attacks.

Top levels of the Roosevelt’s administration knew prior to that harbour was reaching to be attacked. Secretary of state, Cordell Hull, even knew the precise day of the attack per week before it happened. Before “September 11” several within the Intelligence Community knew the attacks were on their way.

Vital info on the japanese attack was unbroken from people who could’ve used it to defend the Hawaiian port and to reduce the amount of yank casualties. 2 men may use that info immediately: Admiral Husband Kimmel and general officer conductor Short, the commanders at harbour. however they never catch on. Before “September 11” necessary info was kept from strategy czar, Richard Clarke, who may have organized the defense and even have prevented the attacks altogether.

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